The club began booming from 2010 up to date

The debaters’ and writers club at st marys sss school Namaliga focus on building and developing  the future leaders of tomorrow and it is the order of the day in this school to see that students acquire skills and confidence to become better politicians who will put our country to the  next level

Not only that but club also sees to see that English is the mother tongue in the school, producing good leaders who able to lead their fellow students for example since majority of the prefects are from the club such as Amuleni Winnie who is the information prefect, Nazziwa Julian who is the asssisant sanitary prefect, Nagasha Joyce the assistant entertainment prefect and Mugulen Christine the assistant information prefect

We have so far had debating competitions within the school and externally were we hosted schools like Janan ss school, Praise intergrated high school and Bombo army. Our policy is that we lead and others follow

The club`s motto is “Archive beyond the obstacles”

By; the president debaters’ club