The first mistake you can ever make as a teacher in or outside class is seeing the people you teach only as students, pupils or learners. They are complete humans like you that know a lot than you do about certain things.
Failure to explain and relate what you are teaching with real life. “If you can’t explain it, you simply don’t understand it”, how do you expect your class to understand?
Talking too much. Teaching is not like politics where you win votes by talking. Learners understand best not by what we tell them, but by what we enable them to do and find out whether they have done it. Remember – when people hear they forget but when they do, they understand.
Coming late for a lesson and leaving the class when the lesson is still on. Why do you keep absenting yourself at a time when children need you?
Coming to class with out a plan. What are you coming to do that you did not plan to do? Why put your competence at test? Why present yourself in class ready to make mistakes and give wrong information to the learners?
Conducting boring lessons. Why do you make your students passive by opting for the teacher centered lecture methods of teaching? Why don’t you empower your learners through learner centered activities?
Not answering student’s questions. Why are you a teacher? Why did you join a profession of who build other’s knowledge and understanding but you hate fulfilling your obligations?
Paying attention to only successful learners. All students are are equal before their teacher. You are not a teacher of only the wise and intelligent, you are a teacher of all boys and girls, tall and short, black or brown, quick or slow at learning etc. in your class. Be a just teacher Of all.
Having high expectations with very little investment. All vows that produce good amounts of milk are well cared for. Teach your children as a parent, and give them the best they deserve as a teacher.
Getting angry,/Lacking tolerance. You are mature enough to know that your class is a group of people who are discovering how life in the real world unfolds. Do not scold them for failing a test instead ask them or find out why they failed it and help them solve their problems.