They say disability is inability.I say disability is not inability.They are so many different people who are disabled in this world.they include the lame ,the deaf ,blind and so many other people who are disabled.they are always desperate and some are hopeless while some are emotionally affected because of their situation .
In my school we have a disabled girl but she has hope inside her heart. She shares her experience and also the challenges she meets.Hope is a very big thing that everyone must bear in mind,heart,because it is something that determines your future.It makes somebody to feel relaxed,to forget the past but only look forward for the future.People without hope end up even committing suicide because they tend to feel lonely and that the world has ended. Faith is also another aspect of life that we must have in order to survive in this world. It is always better to trust in God for He is the controller of every creature in the universe. Disabled people also have ability and right to participate in important activities like politics, social and economic activity. They can also take part in curriculum activities like sports, entertainment and many others.
We must take good care of the disabled people because they also need a better and happy life.We must help them to love and encourage them always in any way. I dedicate this article to all the disabled people allover the world so that they can know that there are people who are there to encourage and support them.
Complied by ADONG JULIET


  1. This team was qualified for the National level for the first time in history of St. Mary’s

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