Educate is a non-government organisation which was formed all over Africa most especially to equip the youth with skills. In Africa, most of the youth are unemployed due to few employment opportunities in the country, and yet the population is high running for few job opportunities. Educate was mainly formed to educate and equip the youth mainly with practical skills. Educate has helped a majority of the youth in the entire Africa.

Educate, with its introduction at our school, many of the students totally had no interest because they believed it was useless and pointless but I decided to just try out little did I know being a member of educate was my best priority I had ever made in life. Educate has changed a lot in my life and also equipped me with practical skills such as;

  • Developed business skills
  • Opened up my minds to business reactions
  • Has helped me analyses business document

On top of that it has helped me build confidence developed my self-esteem and also taught me how to cooperation with others.

All thanks granted to our patron Mr. Odeng Ronald for introducing educate club at our school. With his absence and ignorance of educate club, none of us would have had knowledge about the most educative club. “EDUCATE CLUB” worldwide known in Africa.

I urge to the whole world and to all teachers and Head teachers to introduce and accept EDUCATE CLUB into their schools because it has introduced the rate of unemployment in Uganda today for it has business skills especially practical ones.

Nantongo Natasha S4B [vice president Supremacy Club