You don’t know it, let me brief you about it

Educate is a non-government organisation

It can also be called the E’Club

It consist of ——- and scholars

Educate is a club, which imparts practical skills

for business into scholars who are you and me

skills in prevision include;

  • making liquid soap
  • making soap
  • making charcoal
  • making sanitary
  • etc


It was a new project, but we too in St. Mary’s welcomed it warmly.

Thanks to our patron Mr. Odeng who introduced this beautiful idea into our school. These are skills for life because they are practicals.

Educate transforms a scholar into a business material because one learns how to market products, package products, make business plans and terms in which to handle customers.

It does not teach business only but also how to leave with others in the society, a communal project bringing people all around together to come up with ideas.

It is business, we are serious and we are business.

The confidence and skills I have gained from Educate as a leader, I would not wish for anyone out there to miss them, join in now and we talk business.

Thanks to the person with the golden heart who started up this project, you have brought our future closer to the portal.

“Let us rise to fight un employment, we are not job seekers but job creators”

Nantale Joanita; Finance minister