You don’t like me, I don’t give a damn
You dislike my walking style, give a blind eye
Talk less about me because you can never change what I am
I can never became one of you or one of them
Knowing who I am makes me unique
Don’t judge me according to what you hear or what you feel you would like to hear
Because you don’t know me
You admire me, thanks for appreciating
Don’t let your ignorance hide what you feel for me
I love you, that’s it
And if you hate me, thanks I love you too
It costs me nothing to keep peace and harmony with those with negative minds
Because a little love never hurts
I don’t care about what utter out, that’s your nature indeed
Get something to do or else your mind will become the devils workshop
Don’t quote me wrongly, but that’s an assurance
“I am who I am”