It’s not what one wants but what one feels
I don’t know according to you, but to me love is everything
It is a magical feeling unhestitateable
It flows in one’s blood streams
Whether you run to mars or Jupiter
It will still bring you back to heart mate
Two persons, one heart
One becomes the others “aphides achetes”
One is feebled by the others love
Love is not jealousy
Love is patient
Love is tender
Love is beautiful
Love hurts but sweet with the right person
It shapes people accordingly
God brings hearts together and man separates them
But where true Love is there is always a blessing
People break hearts and people mend hearts
That’s the unresistable power of love
Love is speechless when in compassionate arms
Love is blind and it does not care how one is, it’s just the heart
Love brings heaven and earth
That the beauty of love
People we love teach us the real meaning of love
And give us reasons to live
You are my sunshine, my life, my strength, my weakness
That what I feel inside
I love you my everything