Our Educational Principles or System

Our educational principles are based on Catholic principles set out by St. John Bosco our Father and Founder which rely on three pillars namely; God’s given gifts of reason, faith and loving kindness. We believe that a child can be educated and molded in a family atmosphere of love, trust and respect. We treat our students as responsive persons. In line with these principles we try our best not to give our students corporal as or harsh punishment  that who create unhealthy atmosphere.

Our educational principles have a system known as PREVENTIVE SYSTEM, which is based on continuous presence of the educator with the young people. We spare no effort in keeping our busy all throughout the day bearing in mind that an idle mind is the workshop of the devil. In practical term we are with our students always animating, organizing and participating in liturgical, Academics, games, music and other recreational activities.

MR .Kidde Edward
A teacher and an old student of the school.