Parents are indeed gifts and blessings from God. We were all born by our parents and they are the ones who help in guiding us whenever we go wrong.

At school, we are always asked for the contacts of our parents and this becomes hard for students who have lost both their parents. In other words ,when one parents die, it becomes difficult for children to enjoy full parental love.
When parents are divorced by some misunderstandings it becomes a disaster in a home. Parents work for the better life of the family and other relatives. Sometimes when both parents die, it becomes a misery and children end up becoming orphans and some end up on streets. The life in streets is very difficulty since there is no good shelter and food. life is so difficult without parents because they are the ones who understand what their children want. One friend of mine told me that his father was imprisoned for not paying back the loans that the bank owed him. parents therefore need to be respected because they pass through many things to bring us up. I am really happy to have you in my life.
Thank you mom and daddy you are my superheroes .