If only I could speak the wind
If only you were here to see
My heart, my thoughts will not unwind
But it’s like I’m trying to empty the sea
However hard I try I can never find
Such a beauty so sweet for me
You made me to see what words can’t define
And I look on and smile with glee
You’ve knocked out my senses and made me to cry
For the one only thing that I truly desire
Please open your heart, give me one chance and make me your man, your sire
Whenever I see you when I fall asleep
I open my eyes because I’m scared to be alone
Each time you’re silent you make me recall the good times we had
But I’m scared to be alone.
Making out outside at night
So scared but no one would leave
Holding your body so close so tight
The only thought that could ever please
You made it seem like a world war fight
But you made me have it all with ease
I reckon sometimes I thought you were right
And it’s you that I never want to lose.