About the program

The program aims at training performing arts technicians in production of live performance, theatres, concerts and other audiovisual productions and activities

Course duration: 3Months (12 weeks)

Key skills: Capacity and strength to operate sound equipment and software as well as performing arts technical management.

Career and job opportunities

Our program will produce professionals in audiovisual and multimedia. The first phase will be for the following professionals:

  • Audio system installer
  • Assistant to live sound engineer
  • Radio and production studio technician

This will allow our graduates to work in…

Live concerts, radio and TV studios, churches and open events

Standard teaching equipment...

High quality and updated equipment and software will be at the trainees’ disposal to experience high quality work. Our current stock includes:

  • Front of House (FoH) sound system;
  • Complete Backline musical instruments;
  • Professional and fully equipped music room for rehearsals;
  • Professional Audio Production Studio.
  • Maintenance and repair workshops.

Full hands-on training…

With parallel music trainings. Our trainees are directly exposed on hands-on practice. Daily practices are planned and simulated and live events (concerts, open air sports activities, etc.) will be fully managed with trainees under supervision of trainers.

A strong partnership with event management companies is being established to allow our trainees work on big events in their internship program.

Salesians at a glance

From 1992 Salesians, through Don Bosco Vocational Training Center-Bombo, are training professionals in different domains. Audio-visual technical training Program is one of modern and innovative programmes that kicks off this year,2021. Main objective is to train professional technicians in audio and video and multimedia systems.

Our international expertise…

With international experts and international cooperation with most qualifies salesian institutions from all over the world and our national strategic partners in  audio visual industry, our trainees will be highest qualified sound  and lighting technicians and engineers.

ICT-based programs and online twining will allow our candidates to join international  expert live on the field in different events.

Our trainees will be able to join Don Bosco professional community for further knowledge and know-how sessions.

Training Schedule and Timing

Training schedule and timing

Training days:



Monday and Wednesday: 5:00PM-8:00PM

Saturday: 9:00AM-12:00AM

Location: Don Bosco VTC, Bombo-Namaliga