Oh, oh my mother
What should I call you?
Mother, maama, mummy
Or sweet mother
The pride of a woman
The mother of the nation
The eyes of God
Oh, what a beautiful land
Loving person a mother is!
My mother, I wish you knew
How much I admire you
How much I cherish you
How much I wish to
Never be away from your sight
Mother, what would I be without you?
Sweet mother, what could I do in the world without you?
You carried me for nine months
No complaint, no quarrel but handled me
With love me
When I started crawling
You just cheered me up
When I grew up too stubborn
And very noisy, you carried me,
Hugged and kissed me
Oh sweet maama! What
A precious gift you are!
I even have very many words
To describe you
You are my guardian angel

by tazita F.3