A strong friendship is not that of a daily conversation.
A strong friendship is that one that remains in each other’s heart.
Friendship is that one where each of you share a common character a problem, happiness and desires.
Constant friends is not the true friendship we need.
The friendship we need is the one where everybody cares for, cries with, fills joy with, takes responsibilities over one another, forgive one another and you are concerned about one another.
If you want to keep your friendship, try never to look on the wrongs done by your by your friend.
A friend who looks at a friend’s wrong side and forgets the good side is not a good friend.
This worldly friendship it’s like marriage where one of the partners.
It is not supposed to be between three or more people. Such a marriage will last same applied to friendship.
The laws of friendship
Heart, true friends are never apart.
Second law; it states that the is directly proportional to the problems , characters and desires shared provided, the care, concern,love,responsibility and reconciliation are kept constant.