Salesians opened my eyes. I was once blind but my eyes were opened by the Salesian members when I joined them in 2012.
I personally grew up in a very poor family whereby my parents lacked enough money to pay for my school fees and cater for my basic needs and also we were very many in the family. I worked tirelessly in order to cater for my school fees and basic needs because I used to admire those who were studying in big schools, the rich and people who were having good jobs and I wanted one day to become like them.
My aunt got for me a chance to join a sponsorship in the salesian of Don Bosco Namugongo and I joined them in 2012.They provided me with every basic need I wanted like school fees and I managed to join good school like Kira primary school and studied well from Primary three until now where I am without any hardship like lack of school fees.
I also managed to develop my talents from the salesain of Don Bosco like playing football,volleyball,music,and also basketball which made me famous everywhere I go like at school and also kept me physically fit up to now.
So my great thanks and honor goes to all people who had helped and made me to become who I am up to now most especially my sponsors in Germany, Italy and also fr.Richard Kizito, fr. Juan Marie, fr. Ellie, uncle Paul, uncle wandera, uncle Nyerere, uncle Felix and Aunt Agnes for their great work and support they gave to me. May the almighty God bless and reward them abundantly.
The word of encouragement goes to those with capability to help the poor, the youth, street kids and orphans in whatever way to join their hands together to help them.
Class captain senior three [SMANS INTERNATIONAL]