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The time of changes, understanding and inculcating the salesian education system organized by Fr Irunga Desire SDB the Director of St marys SS Namaliga came to reality.

Fr invited to long serving salesian of Don Bosco who is one of the first salesians to upgrade Bombo Community Fr Gianni, when he was invited by Fr Director to continue inculcating the salesian education system to and co-operators (staff of a technical school, St marys ), students of the three institutions and their parents. Which was schedude on 3rd,12th,13th JULY respectively.

It was organized on the salesian preventive system of Saint John Bosco –Don Bosco way, styles, approach, methods, system, etc… of education and accompanying young people today.

The key questions rising in all this was:

  1. In what does the salesian preventive system consists, and why it should be preferred.
  2. Application of the salesian preventive system.
  3. Advantages of the salesian preventive system.
  4. A word on punishment

               The besic traits of the salesian education system.

  • Education is a matter of the heart.
  • Confidence and familiarity are basic to the system.
  • Familiar presence is an indispensable element.
  • The environment provide for an education as a kind of contagion that goes on between educator and the one being educated.
  • Develops its own interpersonal relationships
  • Develops relationships between itself and the young
  • Develops relationships between the young themselves

Assistance for Don Bosco is:

  • The fruit of love.
  • Educative presence.
  • A realistic appreciation of the possibilities and limitations of personal development.

         An educator must:

  • Enter into actual meetings with the young.
  • Relate empathetically with them.
  • Stress the interiorization of values.
  • Educate to responsibility in daily life.
  • Seek ever new ways of being present.

        Fr. Gianni insisted on the importance of the environment as a vehicle for values as,

  • A family spirit between educators and ones being educated.
  • A place where happiness and interior calm reign.
  • Where the young can express themselves freely.
  • Demanding teamwork and educative community.
  • See it as something belonging to the whole community.
  • Involve the young themselves in the process.
  • Keep close contact with their families.
  • Look out for gospel element in that environment.


The educational environment becomes a complete reality involving persons, relationship and organization.

All that was shared with the three different groups met by Fr. Gianni in Bombo community.

Complied by: Mr Kidde Edward old student Of Don Bosco and a  teacher at St Marys.