God writes our destiny but we can also change our destiny. God always decides and writes our destiny but we can change the decision through what we do or how we decide to take our life. In life, we go through hardships and difficulties but we always overcome them. It is not always that what is written in your destiny is due to your hard work and the life you choose to live. You can choose to be what you want and you can make it through believing in yourself and hard work. Build your esteem and be generous to yourself. Simply forget the past and all that happened because we always learn from things that hurt us plus our mistakes. Focus on your future because you can never go back to past instead we are moving forward, the future awaits for you. Follow your heart, don’t look at anybody’s desires but only focus on yours. You can make the world a better place because you can make it and write your own destiny.
Composed by: Nantongo Natasha